Resolution No. 28: Reaffirming Our Commitment to a Strong PAC Program

WHEREAS, a strong and effective political action program is crucial to the protection and growth of workplace rights for all USW sisters and brothers; and

WHEREAS, USW PAC is a driving force of the union’s political action program at the federal, state and local levels in the United States; and

WHEREAS, the USW has consistently reaffirmed its commitment to enroll members in PAC; and

WHEREAS, about 95% of PAC contributions come from payroll deductions, even as those deductions are under attack; and

WHEREAS, attacks on workers’ rights, especially at the state and local levels, have intensified each year, showing the importance of a strong political action program, funded with PAC contributions; and

WHEREAS, the United States Supreme Court continues to make it easier than ever for corporations and the super-rich to contribute to anti-worker politicians; and the USW PAC is one way of making our voice heard; and

WHEREAS, the PAC program continues to modernize and enhance the solicitation and collection of contributions.


(1) USW members and activists reaffirm our commitment to the union’s political action program, specifically by increasing contributions to the USW PAC.

(2) USW members and activists continue to fight for contract language that will provide for payroll deductions for PAC contributions.

(3) By making USW PAC a part of every conversation with our sisters and brothers, USW members and activists will work toward the goal of getting all members in the United States enrolled in PAC.

(4) Our Union will urge our Local Union leaders, delegates to conferences, and appointed committee members to voluntarily contribute a minimum of $5.00 from every lost-time, expense and salary check to the USW PAC.

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