Resolution No. 2: In Memoriam

WHEREAS, it is fitting at each Convention that we pause to remember our sisters and brothers who were instrumental in advancing our Union to its current position of power and prestige, but who have passed away since our most recent Convention; and

WHEREAS, words alone are never adequate to eulogize those who gave so much towards the establishment and continued progress of our Union and whose lasting contributions to the USW and to the Labor Movement serve as monuments to their memories; and

WHEREAS, since our Union's convention in 2014, we were saddened by the deaths of; former USW Vice President John W. Sellers, former IWA Vice President Wilfred McIntyre, former USW Directors Edward Zeuch, Harry E. Lester, Homer E. Wilson, and Eldon D. Kirsch, former R/PIC Director Leonard G. Bruder, and former PACE Director Vincent W. Dinardo.

WHEREAS, we are also saddened by the passing of the following members of our international staff and retired staff employees who have passed away since our 2014 Convention:


Juan Aranda Jr.


Paul Markonni

Gabriella Villa


Clayton Perry

John Meszaros


Richard Humphreys

William J. Hocvar


Kenneth Hennick

Herbert E. Stottler


Jimmy Roan

Stephen J. Newman


Edythe Earlene Patterson

Andrew Chesnes


Jimmy Colston

Patsy A. Ballinger


Pauline C. Stanovich

Ronald MacDonald


Howard Jenkins

Paul Holifield


Lisette Denis

Bill  McGough


Donia Ruel

Gerald Edwards


G. Daniel Dunlap

James Bergeron


Charlyne Lewis Duncan

Paul E. Thompson


Barbara Wilson

James R. Wyle III


Arlette Gatewood

Isaac Hardman III


Alfredo Montoya

Julia Doolittle


James A. Riley

Fred Baggett


Steven Gentry

Lewis Toole


Dorita Mendizabal

William E. Fuller


Arthur Harris

Harry J. Waisgalss


Eugene John Laye

Eli Mitchell


Robert McKay

Blanche Roush


James C. Austin

John Sgroi


Georges Leduc

Andrew Bury


Ventress Dates Smith

Kenneth Test


Frank Leone

James M. Thompson


Waymon Free

Coolidge B. Hatton


Louis "Ray" Taylor

Gerald P. Johnston


Nannie Aldridge

Samuel Feldman


Joyce Terris

Philip C. Leonard


Paul T. Lindgren

Robert G. Flannery


Ronald Schmidt

Donald Hall


Elaine Giannetta

Robert Catlin


Goldie Eagle

John L. Casparriello


William L. Caldwell

Charles K. Brooks


Karen L. Keller

Loretta May


Donald Schmitt

Rhae Hill


Leslie Schmuhl

Frank Kuzemski


Andrew L. Toth

Paul J. Gross


Dean T. Alexander

Robert E. Jackson


William J. Woodcock

Margaret R. Higgins


Kenneth H. Ramage

Wendy Griffin


Albert L. Goudy

Valarie Hill


Thomas W. Lynn

Joseph F. Wippick


Donna Parry

John E. White


Rita G. Bauer

Guy Farrell


Andrew J. Lavoie

Elizabeth Aires


Iris LaFayette

Jean W. Davis


Willard E. Weaver

Joan D. Tingley


Arthur G. Potthoff

Harold Jenkins


Margaret W. Yernberg

Donald P. Fuller


Norma Boshard

Frank D. Anness


Jeanette Walker

Robert Kovacevic


George G. Myers

Gerald Somody


Alfred E. Lawson

Grace Walsh


Michael Bolt

Carroll W. Floyd


C. Timothy Neal

Ray T. West


Peter R. Oliveri

Diane Petitpas


DeLaurse Jones

Darlene Woodall


William Elliott

Harry J. Osborne


Robert E. Gallagher, Sr.

Barbara Jarrett


Carmen Tanguay Guerin

Margaret Jeffries


Hugh C. Henderson, Jr.

Robert Saumure


Patrick F. Meehan

Peter J. Cassidy


Frederick A. Casaia

Delia Storch


Billy D. Boyce

Thomas Patterson


William R. McConnell

Michael Krivosh


Frank Burger

Carl H. Atkins


Richard C. Eckenroth

Oliver Montgomery


Mathew L. Contessa

M. Joyce Campbell


W. Ken Massengill

Alfred Capone


Floyd O. Chambers

Mildred Ranich


William B. Miklos

Alfred Madrigal, Jr.


Jesse Arredondo

George Prenatt


Ruth Jurella

Dwight Jett


Robert Labrie

John E. O'Connor


Robert Navarretta

Charles G. Gretz


Jacques Wuichet

Patrick Glenn


Dorothy J. Akeson

John G. Chamelot


Arlene V. Wood

Joseph S. Dragas


Beverly J. Whitaker

John D. DiSciullo


Curtis Peterson

Clifton T. Stitt


Edna Jenca

Alice Young


James R. Thomas

William Shlapack


David L. Caldwell

Marion B. Iski


Thomas C. McLane

William T. Mitchell


John E. Penney

William M. Morton


Mary Ann Sullivan

Ines Stocco


James R. Jones

Anna Branton


Michelle Reavley

John Haser


Roland Sampson

Kevin Harper


Ray Silenzi

Erwin Mertz


George Daniel Lawson

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we offer this memorial tribute to all of those Union leaders and members who have passed away since our 2014 Convention. They have passed away, but will never be forgotten. 

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